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Faulkner Investment Services, LLC (“FIS”) can help you build your personal and family wealth, and preserve it for a secure future.

FIS started with its first client in 1989. Since then, we have grown to serve individual, corporate, and trustee clients in five states. We’ve accomplished this by listening carefully to each client’s financial concerns and goals, and then using objective, scientific money management strategies to grow their wealth while controlling risk.

FIS has always been an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisor. That means we don’t peddle financial products or receive any commissions or kickbacks. The fee-only approach has been endorsed by AARP. Since our compensation is based on a percentage of assets under management, our success is linked to your success. Our goal is to be your investment partner for life.

FIS places client accounts at Schwab Institutional, the branch of Charles Schwab & Company dedicated to serving investment professionals. Our clients can rest assured that their money is custodied at one of the largest, most respected investment firms in the world.

Investment advisers, salespersons, and representatives may not transact business in Washington and most other states unless appropriately registered, or excluded or exempted from such registration. FIS is registered as an investment adviser in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. We accept new clients from those states, plus most other states under their di minimis exemption provisions.

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